Lemaire Alumni Platform & International Society

LAPIS. reunites graduates from the postgraduate programme (the ‘Centre’) founded by Raymond M. Lemaire in 1976 within the College of Europe in Bruges, and currently continuing as the Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation (RLICC) at the KU Leuven
LAPIS. is independent from the Centre (RLICC) and its University (KU Leuven)
LAPIS. provides continuity of a common language and atmosphere for all graduates, and in particular for young graduates of the Centre

LAPIS. is organized by and for graduates of the Centre
LAPIS. is inclusive and its membership open to everyone who once studied at the Centre

LAPIS. has an informal structure based on discussion and commitment
LAPIS. is a stepping stone into the professional world for young graduates
LAPIS. promotes the interchange between the public and the private sector
LAPIS. produces activities and publications promoting the knowhow of its members and critically reflecting on conservation as an innovative and interdisciplinary practice within the sphere of daily life and contemporary cultural production

LAPIS. promotes continuous exchange between its members from various countries and continents

LAPIS. is a private network and community primarily destined for its members but strongly connected to its partners and friends
LAPIS. makes and restores connections between members from various graduation years
LAPIS. is the continuation of all previous efforts to generate a lasting network between graduates of the Centre